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Real estate agent

+39 348 1554754

Laura Anna Revelli


Real Estate Assistant

+39 389 0454324

Jean Marc Fournier

Revelli real estate was born from the idea and determination of the owner, Laura Anna Revelli , born in Milan but present in the Aosta Valley market for more than twenty years, confirming herself as one of the most qualified local realities in the sector.

The training and teachings received by the metropolis are reflected in the care and seriousness that it places during each phase of the sale. Together with his collaborators, with professionalism, experience and dynamism, he works with a specific intent: customer satisfaction and finalization.

The mission of his company is to deal with the purchase and sale of mountain houses, widening the gaze to the context that occupies each real estate proposal, imagining the houses as shelters that reflect the interests and lifestyle of those who will live them, involving the territory of who hosts them.

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